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I am trying to link 2 fields from 2 different tables on Access but I will give an example to try and make the issue clearer.I have 1 table called "Employee Details" which contains the field 'Employee Names' and 'Employees ID' The 2nd table is called Schedules" which contains the field 'Employee Names' and'Employees ID' The Employees ID is set to a primary key for table 1 but I do not know how to link/create a relationship between the 2 tables so that in the 2nd table the primary key remains the same.The top form displays the customer's name, the middle form shows the orders made by that customer, and the bottom form shows the products included in the middle form's selected order.When you choose a different customer, different data appears in the lower two forms.Highlight the Auto Form: Columnar option, choose the Products table in the dropdown list box at the bottom of the New Form dialog box, and then click OK.Next, click the Save button (), enter the name in the Save As dialog box, and click OK.If you browse the product records, you'll notice that the records in the subform don't change.That's because you haven't linked the two forms yet. Since you want the record displayed in the subform to relate to the record displayed in the main form, you'll need to link the two forms.

The table's fields must be the same field type and length, although they don't necessarily need to have the same name.The subform displays data that for the most part relates to one of the main form's fields.Although the technique may seem difficult, creating a subform is a snap, as we'll show you in this article. Once you master this simple technique, you may find yourself redesigning all your forms.To create the supplier form for this example, return to the database window and follow the previous procedure.This time, however, use the text To add F_Suppliers to F_Products, open F_Products in Design view, click the F_Suppliers form in the Database window, and drag it to the main form.

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The main form will instantly resize to include the subform.