Alexandria dating egypt

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Alexandria dating egypt

If he interrupts too quickly, doesn’t ask you and others questions about the things you and others are saying, etc, etc then than can be a sign of lurking impatience as well as him lacking certain social observational skills.If he is truly interested in you and others, he will be consciously aware of not interrupting when others are talking.

A good listener is able to acquire more data, is less likely to assume or jump to quick conclusions before knowing all the details, and being a good listener is also reflective of politeness and kindness which are both reflective of having above average intelligence.

1,200 years ago the ancient Egyptian city of Heracleion disappeared beneath the Mediterranean.

Founded around 8th century BC, well before the foundation of Alexandria in 331 BC, it is believed Heracleion served as the obligatory port of entry to Egypt for all ships coming from the Greek world.

The rise in sea level also contributed significantly to the submergence of the land.

The IEASM made geological observations that brought these phenomena to light by discovering seismic effects in the underlying geology.

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Egyptian men, for some control freak reason, always usually have to be right, if there is a conflict.