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Although difficult to do, a year is a reasonable break to strive for.

If you can wait, it will make letting go of the old and entry into a new dating relationship much less bumpy.

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The time following a divorce provides you with an opportunity to be alone with yourself - something many folks never experience. On the contrary, seek out friends and family you may have drifted from during your marriage.

These aren't worthy reasons to recommit to a relationship that ended in divorce.

Marriage after divorce can be a testament to peoples' faith in love and commitment.

What may have once seemed a great way to meet people--parties or singles bars, for example--may no longer feel right for you.

Even if you desperately miss your ex-spouse, do NOT just jump back in. This would be a great time to get some counseling, both individually for each of you and eventually couples counseling.It is a waste of time to beat yourself up or carry around guilt.Instead, educate yourself about early warning signs of these personality types, look at what attracted you to the person, take note of red flags and instinctual responses that can alert you in the future.This time delay becomes even more important if you have children.They too will have feelings of grief and loss, sadness and anger.

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Even though they have gone through an unsuccessful attempt at marriage, they're ready and willing to try again.

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