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Dating psychos view psycho

Seriously, there were a lot of them for one group of will admit that the show stayed a few seasons past its expiration date. The actual finale episode is a lovely little send-off that includes a flash-forward to Jamie Scott beating his dad’s high-school shooting record, lots of hopeful voice-over about saying what you mean and life moving forward and growing up, which is all so very your heart might explode.Just kidding, that is also terrible, no matter how cute that Logan kid is.had to prove it could exist without Lucas and Peyton as its anchors. New characters Clay and Quinn (Shantel Van Santen) are serviceable, but the first half of the season is a drag as Nathan is embroiled in an NBA sex scandal. yesterday a friends male friend got rude with me too out of the blue he began acting weird towards me.

I go on dates, and males will insult put me down harass me. I have respect, im educated, fun, good personality. one date even said "you're really hot, and u seem amazing." and he ditched me when we went into a restaurant to get something to go. I see guys nice to other women but then they see me and all hell breaks loose.. she's great, nope instead they abuse the crap out of me. That episode aside, much of season nine is bogged down by, wait for it, a story line that involves Nathan getting kidnapped by cartoonish Eastern European mafiosos over a basketball player he tried to sign, that ends with Dan (Paul Johansson), CHRIS KELLER (Tyler Hilton), and Julian (Austin Nichols) putting together a rescue mission to find Nathan.Okay, some of this was because James Lafferty only signed on for half a season, but … Even Clay (Robert Buckley) suffering a fugue state only to realize he’s forgotten he had a son who he erased from his memory six years ago is easier to swallow than that.

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