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The difficult question is which of these groups contributed most to the distinctive character of the language and culture.The traditional view, which is also probably still held by the majority of scholars who have studied the question, is that Yiddish was born of migrations.

The Eastern dialects differ from one another substantially in vocabulary and grammar, but most conspicuously in the pronunciation of certain vowels, e.g: Speakers who grew up in the United States often use a variety of the language that is a mixture, to some extent, of various Eastern Yiddish dialects.The prominence of the Hebrew/Aramaic component in Yiddish varies according to speaker/writer, audience, and genre.In scholarly or religious writing, Semitic loan words can comprise 25% or more of the lexicon.Over the last century Yiddish has exerted noticeable influence on Israeli Hebrew.The sound system of Israeli Hebrew is based on Yiddish phonology, and the stress system and the realization of certain vowels and consonants are based on Sephardic Hebrew.

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As an example, in the following sentence from Max Weinreich's ('the Ashkenazic scholars could not be impressed by this claim').