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I would sit at the edge of the bench, so no one could sit next to me, and I stopped getting or giving hugs and kisses to anyone. The chemistry between us…I didn’t have to work hard for it. I'd made a conscious decision when I was about ten that no one should touch me. Before heading out to the wedding hall, when we were still at home, my father began blessing me, and while he was doing that, I began to cry hysterically. My father said not to worry, that it would be good. The day after the wedding I was so sick, I couldn’t look my husband in the eye. He still believes we can work on it and it will get better. I was so terrified that I would hate my own wedding day. And then there was the mitzvah tanz…whoever invented that must have been very mean! I sat awkwardly the entire time…it was one of the worst moments of my life. He said, "I won’t go to work if you don’t go to the mikva." My husband doesn’t want to divorce me. But maybe there’d be no one here to do his meals, his laundry, and his place in the community would be shattered.I pulled up to the house I was supposed to be staying at and began unloading my stuff, I was dressed in my classic weekday gear, shlumpy dirty pants and a fleece- when a Lexus pulls up and two of my fellow shabbatonees hop out.The twilight zone music was playing as I saw they were dressed very yeshivish, I started swearing to myself that I had wound up on the desperate yeshiva singles circuit- all based on my first impressions of “sloppy yeshiva guys driving Lexus with Bluetooth devices clamped onto their ears.” Of course they turned out to be just yeshivish looking, could have even been 612ers for all I knew, but based on first impressions I started regretting the whole weekend based on two dudes already. I was thrown head first into freezing cold water and the shock was too great. Growing up, we could never talk about sexuality or "private stuff" or anything like that. I wanted us both to be married, raise our kids together, go shopping, plan dinners for our husbands and scheme about Purim costumes. What happened instead was that I got married and instead of being beautiful, it was awful.

Well an immediate glance around the den revealed their hardcore modern orthodox machmirness. And I never wanted to get sick and tired of her.[R] got married first and I was more baffled than ever. I After a certain time, my father and my cousins said, "You’re going to vomit from her, one day." They said that because we were always together. It was true, but I also knew that it was illicit, and could never be owned up to. I was always the one scratching my head and worrying, what are we doing? Soon after, the torment and the guilt and the confusion set in.

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The den was filled with seforim- the most used ones being the normal chumashim, mesilas yesharims and siddurim, while on the bottom shelve were the ancient browning dusty sets of shas that haven’t been used since the couples wedding 30 years ago, they sat dusty waiting for one of the kids to come home from their year in Israel and whip out the shas to prove to his parents that he was serious about frumming out in Israel.

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