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Hookup female in orange county ca xxxx

Just might want to say something to your employees that if they are driving one of your vans…it speaks for the whole company in the way they behave.I would not want a job done on time if it put others’ lives in danger.

I gave them my bank card number and they told me it would be a temporary hold and would be refunded immediately if I should not take ADT.

We decided to cancel our contract knowing we would be paying the fee.

I tried to set up a payment online but since I was not longer a current customer – I had to call to set up the payment plan and the woman asked me how many months did I want the payment plan. I then receive a phone call stating we were in collection since it had been 30 days since my last payment and again because we are no longer a current customer – I had to speak to the collection agency and the manager Ericka would not be apologizing for this inconvenience since its just their policy and nothing she could do about it.

I became an ADT customer via the Brinks, Broadview corporate merger path and duly paid my ever increasing monthly monitoring fee while using originally installed Brinks equipment.

Monthly test signals were sent and for decades there was little need for any “real” contact beyond some administrative phone confirmations.

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I agreed and over the next half hour the “repair contractor” activated the system six more times.

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