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We ask for light bail The latest data breach leaked personal information, including Experian records, for 123 million American households.

On the bright side, that's only 98% of households in the US, so technically, it could have been worse After Colorado man's "F*ck Nazis" sign is stolen from his yard, he rebuilds bigger and better.

A tiny virus does this with helping hands, reported Purdue University.

A research team uncovered the mechanism of a “powerful molecular motor” that crams the viral DNA tightly into the capsid with the help of five moving parts.

Pierson would probably be pleased if someone started the new year by adopting Jill Tarter in SETI’s “ Adopt a Scientist” program (see previous week SETI Thursday column on"The day I take down this sign is the day I take down the American flag." Can't Fark have a Hero tag for more than one kind of hero?I'm bartending at the Brooklyn Safehouse, in Greenpoint, on Christmas Day. Any Farker that comes in, I'll provide a free drink. That's gayer than a gay unicorn puking a rainbow on Richard Simmons. That's gayer than a guy riding a bicycle with no seat. I'll also provide fresh popped popcorn and other snacks Wow. “ The materialistic philosophical basis for Darwinism and the inference that humans evolved by natural selection have been catastrophic to medicine. is really gained by the relevant basic sciences (molecular genetics, microbiology, epidemiology), with no need for Darwinian just-so stories.

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“ A 2m skull of a large ceratopsian was found here,” the news article said, “the first such discovery outside of North America.” How did the area preserve so many fossils?

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