John bytheway quotes on dating

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But making time for self-care strategies is easier said than done though, right?

Latham Thomas, author of Own Your Glow, is here to help.

The conversations that happen here are true nourishment for my soul.

From my apartment window, I looked out over the Hudson River where a city that shimmered with opportunity lay before me.

My best ideas often appear in ordinary or even playful moments.

Chances are if you’re human, you’ve felt overworked.

Like there’s never enough time and you’re stretched to the max.

In my mind, doubts were for those people who had serious struggles in life or who chose paths that took them away from the Church—not for an active returned missionary like me. It was at this time of great confusion that my friend called me from the airport, en route to his mission.

After a few minutes of talking he said, “Zack, you don’t sound good.”I broke down and for the first time admitted my doubts out loud.

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”He proceeded to share a thought similar to President Dieter F.