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Everything that you’ve read to this point was written by a former bullying victim.As a child growing up, I didn’t have the choice to quit.Dealing with a bully boss isn’t easy, and if you want the bullying to stop, you’re going to have to put in some work to document a consistent pattern of bullying behavior.

No one should ever be in that position, but when your physical health, sanity, and happiness hang in the balance, I totally understand making that move.

If your boss flew off the handle one morning and started screaming at you, that could easily be explained away as the bully boss having a “bad day.” We all have bad days.

However, a consistent pattern of multiple incidents of bullying behavior cannot be easily explained away–especially if this behavior is clearly creating a hostile work environment for you and others.

If you misstep with sloppy or nonexistent documentation, there is zero chance of getting the support you need from HR to fix your bully boss’s behavior.

If you want your concerns to be taken seriously, then you need to show that you’re serious by putting in the time and the work to document the facts like a champ.

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This isn’t a damn game–this is serious as a heart attack.