Muslim dating an atheist friendship site to love you dating ru

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Muslim dating an atheist

I'd have to make some lifestyle changes as well.The most important to me is that I dislike alcohol for religious reasons and he likes his occasional drink.I think they've accepted us, and have an idea it's serious. We've talked seriously about marriage a few years down the road -- he's in the middle of applying to Ph. I don't really have the luxury of time (my parents made me consider a total of There are obviously a number of problems that I need to address, like, for instance, the ethics of this man pretending to be a Muslim so that he can marry me, the strain of the compromises we'd be making on us individually, and on myself -- I'd have to leave my mental health nonprofit plans (inspired by own bouts of depression and rage during our relationship) in India behind to settle down in the States and give up ever really living there.

It appeared, to me, as though it was a huge struggle for him – he wanted to adjust to Canadian life, accepting that men and women here are more or less equal, but you could see him struggling with what his own culture pounded into him. It’s the belief I have a problem with, not the person. She was fit to be tied that he’d picked one of the only two white girls at our job to date. ” He agreed that it was silly to be talking about this now, but as time went by, he would talk about Islam more and more. Finally, one day, during a discussion with him about Islam, I referred to the prophet without saying “praise be upon him” (the same way I always did) and he lost it. She kept telling him, any time they spoke, that he could not marry an infidel. He got so upset, that he let it slip, “If you can’t even respect my wishes about my own religion now, how will you ever make a good Muslim? When he told me this, I just about jumped out of my skin. I was born in the States to a conservative Muslim Indian family.

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I had a full course load, and then went to the airport at night and cleaned planes until morning. I recall, however, being in such a sleepless stupor that my boss appeared to me as Hulk Hogan… I had the extreme pleasure of peeling the NHL’s sticky used condoms off the ceiling of their plane.