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Reasons for backdating job seekers allowance

There are two forms of Jobseeker's Allowance, contribution-based and income-based.Universal Credit was due to replace Jobseeker's Allowance and other benefits for 500,000 new claimants from October 2013, To be eligible for JSA, claimants must state that they are actively seeking work by filling in a Jobseeker's Agreement form and attending a New Jobseeker interview (NJI).Once you have been accepted for JSA it is vitally important that you continue to follow the JSA requirements because it is possible that the Jobcentre could reduce your payments for a period of time or stop them all together.These are called “sanctions” and there are three different levels of sanctions that could be set based on the severity of the case.

After having applied online or by phone, you will receive a notification within 2 working days to arrange an interview with a local Jobcentre and at this interview you will be assessed for JSA and given tips on how to find work and improve your employability.They are lower level, intermediate level and higher level sanctions.Lower level sanctions – A lower level sanction will be applied for a period of 4 to 13 weeks depending on the severity of what has happened.Supplementary Benefit was later replaced by Income Support in April 1988.The Social Security Contributions and Benefits Act was brought into force in 1992.

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For example, if the Jobcentre directed you to apply for a job and you didn’t do so, it would be unfair for the Jobcentre to penalise you in this situation if it is discovered that the job would entail 1.5 hours travel each way to get to the employer. Applications for JSA can be made online or over the phone, but you will also need to attend an interview at a local Jobcentre to have your claim accepted.

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