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“If these tribes and rain forests aren’t saved, the rest of mankind will follow,” read one post.Another just simply said, “Il n’y a pas de mots” [“There are no words”].“The individual is important as a measure of the whole.Together, we are strong.” Now that loneliness (and its associated emotion, depression) in industrialized societies is so prevalent (recent figures show that there are over 200 million single-person households worldwide), this consideration of the individual only as part of a dynamic whole is perhaps particularly compelling.We also know that they have little understanding of cars, hospitals, banks or the Internet and that they are, in the words of José Carlos Mereilles, “the last free people on earth” — free from the influence of governments, the subliminal powers of advertising and the media and the thoughts of others.All else about their lives — their languages, their names, their gods, how they raise their children and what they hope for — is speculation.“You can’t uproot us and put is in another land; we don’t exist away from the forest,” thoughts echoed by a Cherokee statement: “We cannot separate our place on the Earth from our lives on the Earth, nor from our vision and our meaning as a people.”The Amazon rainforest is to the Yanomami, a forest-land covered with the mirrors of dancing spirits; the snow peaks of Colombia are “temples” to the Arhuaco; the larch-covered hillsides of Mongolia are the ancestral migration routes through which the Tsaatan people move with their reindeer; the immense sandstone plateaus of the Guyana Highlands are the ancestral lands of the Akawaio people.“This land keeps us together within its mountains,” said one Akawaio man.

“It is hard to describe how connected my people are to nature,” said Davi Kopenawa, spokesman of the Yanomami people.

One of the world’s last uncontacted tribes who are under increased threat from loggers over the border in Peru, according to tribal people’s charity Survival International.

It is a photograph of one of the last uncontacted tribes in the world, taken in June 2010 by FUNAI, Brazil’s Indian Department, together with what is thought to be the first-ever film footage.

was born out of spending a week spent with the Hadzabe tribe in northwest Tanzania.

The Hadzabe are a hunter-gatherer people who live in Yaeda Chini, an area of bushland on the floor of the Great Rift Valley.

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  2. Thanks, mystery cam man/woman Clearwater - just looked at an old photo and the cam has definitely shifted to the left - as you used to be able to see the whole of the pier and less of the hotel building on the left.