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Updating adobe flash through proxy server

My team relies heavily on the Adobe CC apps to do our jobs, and while not having libraries syncing across our accounts hasn’t been earth shattering, it has been annoying.

# See flash_player_11_2_admin_for more infomation on how this script is required to function.The service program is located in the same location as the file called Flash Player Update To enable the Silent Auto Update option to log add Silent Auto Update Verbose Logging=1 into the file.The only issue I have with the Silent Auto Update option is that the software must have direct access to the internet via ports 443 and 80.The specific problem we were having was that each Adobe CC application, like Photoshop or Illustrator, has this libraries panel.From what I have gathered, the panel talks to some background Adobe processes that are in charge of going up to the Adobe Cloud and pulling down the creative assets in your libraries; syncing them.

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