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What does xml validating reader class do

The WSA provides a conceptual model and a context for understanding Web services and the relationships between the components of this model.The architecture does not attempt to specify how Web services are implemented, and imposes no restriction on how Web services might be combined.This document defines the Web Services Architecture.It identifies the functional components and defines the relationships among those components to effect the desired properties of the overall architecture.To illustrate this distinction, you might implement a particular Web service using one agent one day (perhaps written in one programming language), and a different agent the next day (perhaps written in a different programming language) with the same functionality.

This document (WSA) is intended to provide a common definition of a Web service, and define its place within a larger Web services framework to guide the community.

(In most cases, the requester agent is the one to initiate this message exchange, though not always.

Nonetheless, for consistency we still use the term "requester agent" for the agent that interacts with the provider agent, even in cases when the provider agent actually initiates the exchange.) Note: A word on terminology: Many documents use the term service provider to refer to the provider entity and/or provider agent.

The aim here is to demonstrate that Web services can be made secure and indicate which key concepts and features of the architecture achieve that goal.

The key stakeholder's perspectives supported in this document reflect the major goals of the architecture itself: interopability, extensibility, security, Web integration, implementation and manageability.

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