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And so departs taking only her memories and promising she will think of him every step of the way. Parton released the single three times and had a minor hit with it in 1982 when she usesd it on the soundtrack to The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.

Her various co-recordings of the song are all moving evocations of the ending of a complex relationship.

She nails us from the start with a raw and vulnerable a capella opening (for which Costner and Houston had to fight studio and record label bosses) “If I should stay, I would only be in your way…” Her soft, regretful vocal stays unaccompanied for a bold 46 seconds, and it achieves in under a minute what the film fails to manage in nearly two hours – it strips away the layers of celebrity fakery to reveal the vulnerable woman beneath.

With this achieved, an acoustic guitar wraps its warm simple strings around her. With each step Houston takes away from the lover in the song, she has to screw up all her courage again, and harder.

He added: “She had me back to talk her through her grief.

Snuggling deep into Kevin Costner’s shoulder on the dancefloor of a no frills American bar, Whitney Houston tunes in to the country and western tune coming from the jukebox. And the song is, of course, “I Will Always Love You”.

For when Parton penned her “bitter sweet” country ballad back in 1973, she wasn’t writing about the break up of a romantic relationship, but about the end of a professional one.

The buxom blonde from Tennessee had gotten her big break as “the girl singer” on the Porter Wagoner Show in 1967.

“He had a loved one come through that literally said, ‘Don’t be stubborn like I was, get your heart checked’. Admitting that the Growing Pains star was a complete sceptic when they first met, Tyler later did a second reading with his widow.The reality star commented: “His father was one of the first people to make a connection.So many of the details that came through were so intimate and private, he knew he was having a sincere experience.”Tyler continued: “When his daughter and former wife did come through, he got a lot of answers and the clarity that he needed.”On whether it helped him to move on from their passing, he added: “Absolutely, he acknowledged that it had helped more than any therapist ever has.But the song writin’, gun totin’ gal from the mountains didn’t plan on spending her life as anybody’s lovely assistant and, as she later told the press, Wagoner was “very much was a male-chauvinist pig.That’s why we fought like crazy, because I wouldn’t put up with a bunch of stuff.” When Parton decided to leave the show and strike out alone, she wrote the song as a kindly farewell to her old mentor and duetting partner, wishing him joy and happiness in his future career.

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But the good will wasn’t reciprocated and Wagoner sued her for breach of contract.

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