Xml error validating datastore indexes xml against datastore indexes xsd

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For this scenario, the data in each cell is contained in a content control for plain text.When a control is inserted in the document, it looks like Figure 2. When you are in Design mode, a drop-down triangle appears on the title tag.The index creation respects directory trees as well as single directories.All you need to do is point the store to the root of the hierarchy, and all images will be considered for inclusion in the Image Mosaic.The successive sections of this article examine the details of how to work with each of the new Word 2007 features listed in the scenario's narrative.

Our goal is to describe a clear narrative of the approach followed to create a stock options template using Microsoft Office Word 2003, and to highlight how the development experience is improved using new features offered by Word 2007.Warning The last limtation has been relaxed when JAI-Ext is enabled to allow users to mix data of the following colormodels RGB, Gray, Paletted.Of course it does not make sense to mosaic data coming from a DEM (usually single band Float or Short) with data coming from Aerial imagery (usually RGB or Gray) but it does make sense to create global mosaics with data coming from different sources and having different colormodels.that make a solution to the scenario much more robust and elegant.There are several different types of content controls, including drop–down menus, combo boxes, rich text, plain text, calendar, and picture, all of which let a template designer create form-like editing in a document.

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By default, the name of this attribute is , but this can be changed in the main configuration file.

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